Andrew Burns Chiropractor

Andrew burns d.c.


“self care is never a selfish act. it is simply good stewardship of the only gift i have.”

-Parker Palmer

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How i operate:

Dear Sir or Ma’am,

Welcome. My goal will be to always treat patients the way I prefer to be treated. I adjust the spine as gently as possible and the neck is treated with the utmost care.

The upper part of your neck is vastly different from the rest of your spine. Your skull rests on your 1st vertebra which rests on the 2nd. These joints are held in place by soft tissue such as ligaments and tendons. The rest of your spine (from C3 down) locks together with joints made of bone and soft tissue.

There is an advantage and disadvantage to having no bony joints in the upper neck- you can turn your head to see quite nicely but that added motion can lead to injury and that can happen as early as birth.

When damage occurs in the neck often babies will lie with their head tilted off to one side and occurs far more often with c-section and the use of vacuum or forceps. Adults with neck injuries will often notice one shoulder lower than the other. Headaches, neck and shoulder pain are common but symptoms can be far more sinister if damage or degeneration is left to persist.

The adjustment I perform aims to optimize the position of the bones that surround the brain stem. Using the weight of your head, measurements from the X-rays and a very specific fulcrum point, I can move the bones with surprising ease that most find just barely recognizable. After being adjusted this way myself and being the skeptic that I am, I went through another 4 years of school to see if this actually moves a bone and it turns out it does!

-Andrew R. Burns

Patient Testimonials

I began seeing Dr. Burns for low back pain when I was pregnant with my second child. After a few adjustments I noticed that my headaches were occurring less. Overtime the migraines which caused me to miss so much time with my children have vanished and I no longer need any medication for them!


After dealing with chronic neck pain for many years, Dr. Burns was able to get my body in alignment. His first priority is you and your health. He is always flexible and willing to work with you until the issue is fixed.


I was told I would need surgery to fix the Meniere’s disease that left me incapacitated. Every time I would stand upright I would get dizzy and throw up. I couldn’t sleep because of the buzzing in my ear. Dr. Burns asked for a month to see if he could prevent the need for surgery. After symptoms initially worsened (Dr. Burns said they might), I began to slowly get better. After 3 weeks, only a slight reverberating sound remained. 3 years and counting with no relapses.


how it works:

Every new patient will receive an upper cervical radiographic series to ensure precision and gentleness while adjusting the neck. As a result you will feel only the slightest touch while having your neck adjusted. Other views and pediatric patients will be radiographed only as necessary. Visit frequency will be determined case by case and can fluctuate throughout the year depending on a variety of factors.

Regarding insurance: I have elected to stay out-of-network with all health insurance providers. I can provide you with a receipt if you happen to have an HSA account or out of network coverage.